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Camp Kenny delivers outstanding nature experiences in the pristine world of northernmost Europe. Our location, 250 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, enables us to offer guests direct access to the magnificent Abisko Valley, to the legendary King’s Trail and the surrounding wilderness. We arrange guided hikes to explore the hidden gems of the mountains as well as fishing and hunting expeditions to remote corners of Swedish Lapland and Norway. Whether you join us for a photographic workshop underneath the midnight sun or a challenging ice dive at Lake Torne, our goal is to offer high quality experiences which bring into focus the unique natural environment which we are lucky to call our home.

By creating adventures with a high level of comfort in an extreme environment, Camp Kenny strives to make the wilderness accessible for everybody. Our goal is simple: we want our guests to experience true wilderness travel at its best, without compromising their safety or comfort.

We care passionately for the unique world we live in and since footprints can last a lifetime in the fragile subarctic environment, our motto is to always tread with care. The most cherished and long lasting souvenir our guests will bring home is the breathtaking view of Lake Torne, surrounded by sno-clad mountains in winter or the vivid colours of nature in summer and fall.

Abisko Arkby

A permanent feature of Camp Kenny is the exotic Abisko Arkby - a unique ice fishing facility located on the vast ice of Lake Torne. This mobile camp consists of five cosy cabins, a dining tepee, a sauna and bathroom facilities. Since every effort is made to cause as little impact on the environment as possible, Abisko Arkby has been designed so that it may be deconstructed each spring, leaving no trace behind.

Abisko Arkby offers the perfect setting for groups of 10-15 persons who are looking for an experience far above the ordinary.

We look forward to showing you our world!